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Men’s Health: Importance of Connection

Men's Health: Importance of Connection

Men’s Health: Importance of Connection

When we’re young we develop strong social networks, many of which consist of friendships forged early on in schools and weekend activities such as sports, social groups and extended family members. But over time our social circles get smaller, for men this is brought on by the need to be providers for our families and it isn’t long until our social lives take a back step for our role in providing steady income for our family.

Social pressures on men to be breadwinners in families have been a long-standing issue that affects many men today. Society has perpetuated the notion that men must be the primary financial providers for their families, and failure to do so can be seen as a sign of weakness or emasculation. This pressure can be especially challenging for men who may have lost their jobs or have difficulty finding work, as they may feel that they have failed in their roles as providers.

The social pressure to be a breadwinner can also lead to stress and anxiety, as men feel that they must constantly provide for their families and may take on additional work to meet these expectations. It’s essential to recognise the impact that this social pressure is having on men’s mental health and how it is leading to social isolation.

One of the most significant factors that can negatively impact men’s health is social isolation. While it may seem harmless to spend most of your time alone, it can be a silent killer that can take a severe toll on your physical and mental well-being.

Research has shown that social isolation can have a profound impact on men’s health. Many men report feeling socially isolated, with an increasing number struggling to maintain healthy connections. In fact, recent studies have shown that social isolation is more prevalent among men than women.

Men's Health: Importance of Connection
Holi Festival Sri Durga

You’re Not Alone

So, why is social isolation so harmful to men’s health? First, it can lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and other mental health issues. Men who are socially isolated often feel lonely, which can trigger a range of negative emotions that can impact their overall well-being. Additionally, social isolation has been linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Maintaining healthy connections is crucial for men’s health. Healthy connections can include friendships, family relationships, community relationships and even work relationships. Men who have healthy connections tend to be happier, more productive, and have better mental and physical health. Research has shown that social support can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even increase lifespan.

For many of us we live in urbanised communities I am fortunate enough to reside in a multicultural community and most weekends there is some form of community event occurring which are great opportunities to make new friends, meet like minded people and enjoy entertainment that is family friendly.

This weekend was the Holi Festival of Colours which celebrates the eternal and divine love of the god Radha and Krishna. The day also signifies the triumph of good over evil and involves the throwing of bright colours, singing and dancing. Despite the event being of cultural significant to our Indian community members invitation is open for all to attend and while I walked the ground with my family and friends I noticed that not many others from different cultures attended the day.

Men's Health: Importance of Connection
Holi Festival Fun

The event went for most of the day and while my kids had a wonderful time they were exhausted by the end of it but we had a great time nonetheless. It’s important that we engage with our communities not just for ourselves but for everyone else too.

Just because you’re not from a particular culture doesn’t mean you can’t participate in their events and celebrations quite often all peoples are welcome and I am fortunate enough to reside in a community that has a plethora of things to do on any weekend. Although I am not older and my weekends of visiting bars and clubs are over as I take time to raise my children, social isolation is one thing no one should be suffering from and to see it become a growing problem in today’s day and age is concerning.

If attending large social gatherings isn’t your thing here are some other things you can try:

  1. Make time for social activities: Whether it’s joining a sports team or attending social events, making time for social activities is crucial. Try to find activities that interest you and that you can do with others.
  2. Connect with family and friends: Regularly connecting with family and friends can help reduce social isolation. This can be as simple as calling or texting them regularly.
  3. Join a men’s group: Joining a men’s group can be a great way to meet new people and connect with others who have similar interests.
  4. Volunteer: Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people and give back to the community. Consider volunteering for a cause that you’re passionate about.

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Thank you for reading Men’s Health: Importance of Connection

As a caring and hands on dad, Simon devotes himself to his family, career and health.

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