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The Power of Mindfulness in Health and Fitness

The Power of Mindfulness in Health and Fitness

Mindfulness and building lean muscle are probably two examples that don’t come to mind right away when you think about The Power of Mindfulness in Health and Fitness, yet should.

Mindfulness, the practice of being fully present and aware of the current moment, offers a transformative tool for cultivating a positive mindset, managing stress, and making conscious choices that support our overall well-being. It’s not just for the enlightened and there is some serious science to back up claims that just thinking about exercises builds muscle. Make sure you read through before you cancel that gym membership because physical exercise still has greater impacts on overall health.

A recent study identified that performing mental exercises over a 12 week period increased strength by 35% and 13.5% (different muscle groups) overall physical training still had a better outcome with a 53% increase in strength.

The above information is really important in relation to weight loss, growing muscle, staying on track and getting results with a big part on why people give up their health journey. In order to lose weight, maintain healthy habits and reach your goals our mind plays the biggest role.

The Power of Mindfulness in Health and Fitness

Mindful Eating

Let’s start off right at the core of keeping fit and healthy, our diet.

If you’re struggling to control your diet take some time to listen to what your body is saying to you by paying attention to your hunger and fullness ques, yes that slice of pizza is delicious but you were full after the second slice. Change your relationship with food to one of need, Don’t eat until you are full and don’t let emotions drive your eating, only eat until you’ve got what you need from your food. Starting out this can be a hard one but you’ll understand this more in time but it will help you develop a healthier and more balanced relationship with food.

Mindful Exercising

This! I can not express how important this one is and you already know it. It is one thing to go to the gym or go for a run and then another to be completely immersed in what you’re doing. For example, you know those work-outs you do and you walk out thinking wow! I smashed tonight’s sesh and feel great! That’s because you were both physically and mentally present.

You won’t be able to do this for every session because life. But if you’re having problems not being able to grow muscle or targeting trouble spots then you really need to switch on your mind and focus on those thoughts. You’ll see this famously used in Tai Chi or Yoga as those exercise forms are about strengthening the body mind connection. In summary, what ever muscle group your training that day, focus in on what you want it to look like and mentally picture it growing.

Stress and Relaxation

I don’t need to use the words Calm Down as those two words have the opposite effect when used in stressful situations and life ain’t easy, I know that. But stress or more so our ability to regulate it has a profound impact on our health. The next time you’re feeling stressed take a moment to yourself and picture in your mind the stress leaving your body while doing some deep breathing exercises.

The Power of Mindfulness in Health and Fitness

Mindful Habit

To fully achieve the best outcome and develop positive habits you need to develop your capabilities around being mindful and once you get a handle of this ability you’ll begin to notice a lot of changes as you won’t need to question “how many calories is this and will it fit my diet?” you’ll be more attuned to your bodies needs and wants helping you to achieve strong outcomes and getting you the results you want.

If you liked today’s article on The Power of Mindfulness in Health and Fitness why not head over to my BLOG for other great articles and my online store for Aussie made pre workout and Aussie grown and made protein powder.

As a caring and hands on dad, Simon devotes himself to his family, career and health.

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