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What is Thermogenesis?

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Thermogenesis is an important metabolic process that is responsible for maintaining our body temperatures and regulating our energy balance through the production of heat within our bodies. The process is also commenced when we eat food and our body uses energy to digest and absorb the nutrients through heat, this is where the term “burning calories” comes from. Our bodies are doing just that!

Thermogenesis is part of your Metabolic Rate which is the total amount of calories you need per day to live i.e. breathe, eat, move, think and pretty much operate your entire body, also known as Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Increasing your Metabolic Rate is how one loses weight.

There is another popular weight loss method that involves eating less than your Metabolic Rate which is often handed to people who sign up to gyms and fitness regimes however, this method could be doing you more harm than good. While the results from this method are fast you’re also denying your body the calories and nutrients it needs to survive.

What is Thermogenesis?

Burning Calories by increasing Thermogenesis

While heat is being generated within our cells to power our bodies we release CO2 which we exhale so in short, we turn fat into CO2 through thermogenesis. This amount can also be calculated through our Respiratory Quotient which too can be increased to aid in burning more calories.

To summarise, we can lose a certain amount of weight simply by increasing thermogenesis and respiratory quotient and suppressing appetite can further help to burn more calories before we even start exercising.

Is it safe?

Before starting any new forms of diets one should always consult a health professional, in relation to the safety of the above method. A lot of research has gone into the above yet a lot of it hasn’t been rolled out in health supplements or health plans to date.

Recent research has identified three food ingredients that can boost Thermogenesis by 6%, reduce Ad libitum by 8% and increase your respiratory quotient by 1% which make the core basis of my pre workout.

The VALLONE difference

Pre workout supplements have all become generic and only mainly differ on price, coupled with the fact a lot of the products are imported and aren’t passing Australian standards some even being found to contain illegal substances and poisons as identified by the Australian Government, Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Which is exactly why I wanted to develop my own Australian manufactured and made supplements and provide something different that’s beneficial to the Australian market. My pre workout’s core ingredients don’t only act as a pre workout, but are designed to boost Thermogenesis and provide you with energy you need not just during a workout but whenever you need it.

So stop wasting your money on possible imported poisons that don’t come with an Australian manufactured guarantee, and buy your all in one energy drink, pre-workout and fat burner from my online store.

As a caring and hands on dad, Simon devotes himself to his family, career and health.

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